Punjab green development program


Raja Jahangir Anwar
Secretary Environment Protection Department

Environment is a common heritage of humanity and its preservation is our inclusive responsibility. Conservation and improvement of environment quality needs active participation of the Government as well as our society. Environmental preservation is not limited to the issues of sanitation and health but it is more concerned about pollution control, bio diversity conservation, waste management, conservation of natural resources, maintenance of ecological balance and meeting our national and global climate targets.

Government of the Punjab in collaboration with the World Bank is implementing Punjab Green Development Program (PGDP) mainly for achieving Strengthening Environmental Governance and Promoting Green Investments in Punjab. The successful implementation of program will enable Government to make data driven policies and action plans to combat deteriorating environmental quality throughout the province. This Program will support the Environment Protection Department of Punjab in improving its organizational structure, reforming its regulatory regime, and modernizing its administrative procedures and systems.

An Environment Monitoring Center will be housed in the Green Building to display live data which will lead to timely monitoring of air and water quality in the Punjab. Further, the program will also establish an Environment Endowment Fund to finance and bring sustainability to environmental interventions in the future.